Baby Steps To Success

By: Mako Athletics

Baby-Steps-On-Beach In today’s world of getting everything on demand, it’s no wonder we expect to be able to reach our fitness, health, or other life goals with just the click of a button or swallow of a pill. As you probably already know, it isn’t that easy.
We often buy into the latest trend that promises fast and immediate results, and maybe we get them, but for many, keeping up with the trend is tough. Why though? There are a few reasons:
1. The program we committed to was finite. It has an end and once it’s over, we’re lost because it didn’t teach us how to maintain our progress once we finish.
2. We are purchasing a product that guarantees a specific result and if we discontinue the use of the product, we no longer reap its benefits and we haven’t learned how to maintain our progress without it.
3. We take on too large of a change all at once. We may see initial results but often struggle to keep up with it.

While it would awesome to snap our fingers and have the body we want or to follow the perfect diet, or have a constant go-getter, nothing gets me down mindset, or stress relief routine, or perfect sleep habits, or large bank account – life just doesn’t work that way. The important things in life take time and effort. In most cases, the ability to reach our goals requires time and patience. It requires not quitting when results aren’t immediate. It requires trial and error when the first, or second, or third thing we try doesn’t work.

So where do you start? How do we make a change? Slowly, consistently, at a pace, we can manage AND commit to. Small steps may seem like they aren’t doing much or will take forever to achieve results but they are easy to stick to and you can add to them as you are ready. Over time, one small step can morph into a major life change – turning you from the person you were into the person you want to be.

Say you want to improve your fitness but don’t quite have the motivation to get to the gym or even complete a full workout. Start with one. One push up, one air squat, one quick walk around the block. Nobody can tell me they don’t have time for just one. Once you do just one every day for a week, then make it two, then five, then 10, then add another movement. Build slowly – it’s ok to not jump all in at once.

Say you are stressed but don’t have the time or maybe even the want to commit to a full daily stress relief practice. Start small. Take three deep breaths in the morning right when you wake up and three just before bed. Practice this for a week and see how you feel. You may be amazed at how something so simple makes you feel. And when you’re ready, add to this.

Instead of just quitting or giving up because you can’t get immediate results, try slowing things down, set the smallest goal you know you can commit to and achieve. And once that goal has become a regular practice or habit, add to it – even if it is just another small step. One movement becomes two, three breaths become six. The results may not be fast but you’re committed and they will come – and will be more likely to stick around.

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