Remote Coaching: Custom Individual CrossFit Programming

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Are you plateauing in your CrossFit training?

Not getting any stronger?

Not getting that first muscle up, pull-up or double-under?

Not getting any faster on the rower or at running and the bike still sucks?

Still dying out in longer WODs?

Struggling through various on and off over training injuries?

Need more accountability?

Train alone and need guidance?

Or, just feeling like you’re generally not getting what you want out of your workout sessions?

If any of this is going through your mind, you are not alone!

Individuals going through this usually are becoming unsatisfied or unfulfilled with their workouts and their performance because they have specific goals in mind and they just are not meeting them, for possibly many reasons.

You need a personalized CrossFit program to help you meet your specific goals and work with your individual needs with a remote CrossFit coach, and at Mako Athletics we offer just that!

Meet Your Specific Fitness Goals With Mako Athletics' Online CrossFit Coaching

No matter what your goal is, a dedicated Mako CrossFit coach will work with you and personalize a fitness program to help you reach it.

We’ve helped individuals make it to the CrossFit Games, helped them lose weight, get their first pull ups, muscle ups, dial in their nutrition, get new PRs in powerlifting movements and the Olympic lifts, and more.

Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your goals and if remote CrossFit coaching is right for you!

Personalized CrossFit Programming For Your Goals

Unfortunately, CrossFit class programming or blanket template programs don’t always cut it to help you reach your goals.

Class programs usually are designed around general physical preparedness, meaning they are designed to keep you generally fit and healthy. However, some athletes may not achieve new skills and may plateau if class is the only training they ever partake in.

Blanket or template programs are sometimes better to target a specific goal, but unfortunately they are not designed for YOU and how your body responds to training.

With our personalized CrossFit programming you will receive a training regimen weekly that is adjusted to your goals, how you’re feeling, how your body has been responding to training, and much more.

Get The Attention You Need With Private 1 on 1 Coaching

You’ll have a dedicated remote CrossFit coach there to answer your questions or communicate with you on a daily basis. In addition, they will review your workout videos and providing new cues and commentary on your training.

Your dedicated coach is there to make adjustments on the fly if your schedule changes, you are traveling and have different equipment available, or to just adjust based on how you feel.

Remote Training

You can perform this program anywhere in the world! You can do this training at your local CrossFit affiliate, at Mako Athletics CrossFit gym in Pensacola, FL, at a globo gym, at your house, or anywhere you want. When we first start working together we will go over the gym equipment and space you have available and we’ll design your workout around this.

Remote CrossFit Coaching For All Levels Of Fitness- From Beginner To Competitor

While we see a lot of athletes with prior CrossFit experience or goals to compete joining our remote coaching program, it is absolutely a great way for beginners to reach their fitness goals faster than if they were to follow a blanket program.

The Mako difference

What You'll Get With Mako's Remote Coaching For CrossFit Athletes

Our online individual CrossFit programming features the following:

Remote CrossFit Coaching

How To Start Remote 1:1 CrossFit Training with Mako Athletics

Get in touch with us and we’ll schedule a zoom call to meet and make sure we are a good fit for each other.
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Premier Fitness Offered At Competitive Pricing

CrossFit Remote Coaching Pricing

Remote Coaching

$ 250 Per Month
  • Individualized programming to meet your specific goals
  • Program delivered weekly through the TrueCoach App
  • Weekly Video feedback from Coach on video submissions from the training week
  • Daily communication from Coach to address questions and day to day adjustments on programming
  • Access to the Mako Remote Athlete Facebook Community