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As a CrossFit Affiliate gym located in Pensacola, our Group CrossFit Classes are the heart and soul of Mako Athletics. Exemplifying the CrossFit definition of “constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high-intensity,” we work every day to provide an environment that leaves everyone with a feeling of accomplishment, invigoration, and gratitude. Through COMMUNITY, and working with others, we break the monotony of the typical gym routine, where most people have their headphones in, doing their own thing, and have no interest in how everyone around them is doing.

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The Mako difference

What To Expect From Our CrossFit Classes

Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

specialized CrossFit programs designed to achieve your fitness goals

Performance Program

Have you been active in CrossFit workouts for over a year and looking to build on your skills and increase your strengths? Our Performance program will build strength, progress barbell and gymnastic skills while improving overall conditioning with appropriate doses of intensity and volume.

Fitness Program

Is your goal to lose weight or to maintain your health and longevity? The Fitness program focuses on building a proper foundation in strength, skill, and conditioning; we aim for movements that have lower risk with a higher reward. Athletes will determine their own weights while being challenged to complete tasks focuses on quality first, then intensity. This program will improve an athlete’s strength and conditioning making them more prepared for life and sport.

New Members & Beginner-Friendly CrossFit

Whether you’re an experienced CrossFitter or are a complete beginner at CrossFit, we put all members through “On-Ramp”. This helps us identify your strengths and weaknesses and allows us to discuss and determine your goals! Your goals can simply be to have fun and learn new movements, get a stronger back squat, get a pull up, lose weight, or improve your conditioning!

Our On-Ramp experience is a personal one, aimed to clarify what CrossFit is, demystify nutrition in our “Guide to Thrive,” and show you the great community we have to offer at Mako Athletics. During the On-Ramp you will be taught the fundaments of quality movement as well as be introduced to training with intensity. Once you’ve completed the On-Ramp, your coach will help ease your transition into the regular CrossFit class and make sure you are on track to meet your fitness goals.

In your first month at Mako you can expect:

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Convenient Hours To Workout On Your Time

Pensacola Schedule & Hours

We’re open all day! That’s right, no need to worry about random closure hours in the middle of the day at Mako. We offer CrossFit Classes, Olympic Weightlifting or Barbell Club, Private & Group Personal Training Sessions, and Open Gym throughout the day. Check out our full schedule to see the exact times of our programs and who’s coaching! 


CrossFit Gym In Pensacola, FL

Our gym is located in downtown Pensacola, FL. This is an easy commute from virtually anywhere in town. Our facility is the greatest workout space you’ll find in Northwest Florida.