Should You Consider Personal Training, Class or Both?

By: Mako Athletics

We all know the fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line. This concept is no different when considering your training to meet your goal(s). Though progress is not completely linear. There is always an improvement phase, followed by a slight pull back, then another push to a new level of fitness, strength, etc. This takes time. But the time it takes to get hit these new feats of fitness can be more directed with less time spent training in the gym.  We stand firmly on our value of Group Fitness. It is high value with less cost than private or personal training. But if you are someone who has a specific goal, prefers one on one attention, or a specific timeline to hit a goal; here are four reasons to consider personal training.

More direct focus on your specific goal(s).

Whether it’s preparing for a 10k run, trying to fit into your clothes better, or wanting to move and live pain-free; your goal is very specific to you. Everyone is at a different starting point and has personal limitations that they will have to overcome. Having a coach that helps you set direct, tangible targets will help you see progress with that goal more quickly and effectively.

Less time in the gym to make more progress.

Exercise selection, volume, and frequency can be hard to come up with on your own. A personal coach will ensure that each session is working towards your goal. There is no need for all the extra work and time spent beating yourself up without specific intent. 

High level of accountability equals faster results.

Everyone is searching for motivation to get into the gym and work towards their goals. But really discipline and consistency is what equals results over time. A coach will set your schedule and ensure you are getting the necessary work in to make the progress you desire.

Personal Training doesn’t just end in the gym. It is lifestyle coaching as well.

You cannot out-train a bad diet and poor life decisions. Making it a priority to get proper nutrition, sleep and stress management is key to be successful with health and fitness goals. A personal coach will help guide you inside and outside the gym so you can make small changes that make a huge difference in the rate and quality of your progress.

In closing, at Mako Athletics we take fitness and health coaching very seriously. Many people can make all the changes they are looking for following our guidance, and programming in our group classes. But if you feel like you have stalled in progress, or need someone to help direct you inside and out of the gym, personal training is the best investment you can make in your health and fitness.

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