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Tired of spending hours in the gym without getting results?

~ Do you know you are capable of more but can’t seem to break through plateaus?

~ Do you feel like you should be hitting bigger weights in the snatch and clean & jerk but can’t figure out what’s holding you back?

~ Are you tired of hearing the same feedback without seeing progress?

~ Are you looking to compete in the sport of weightlifting?

Mako Barbell

Olympic Weightlifting

Our barbell club is a USAW club. We run multiple barbell club class times throughout each day at our gym in Pensacola. This program is for all levels of fitness and experience,; from complete beginner to competitive weightlifter.

Establish Your Technique

We focus on developing a technical foundation that allows athletes to continually see progress and lift for life.

Develop Speed & Strength

Whether it is for the platform or another field of play, becoming stronger and more explosive will help you achieve your athletic goals.

Lift Big Weights Confidently

Develop the consistency and mindset needed to confidently step up to the bar to hit big weights.

The Mako difference

Why Train With Mako Barbell

Every athlete has a different background and goals in training. No matter what your background or goals are, we will build a program that will allow you to safely and consistently progress.
Feedback is crucial to your growth as an athlete. Our coaches are here daily to give hands-on feedback during your lifting sessions.
Becoming a more explosive, strong, and well-rounded athlete will help you reach your athletic goals no matter the sport.
Learn how to push past mental barriers that may be holding you back. We provide an environment that allows athletes to consistently challenge themselves and discover their true potential both in and out of the gym.
Training alone can become a grind. We take great pride in our culture and community. Come develop friendships that will inspire and challenge you.

Barbell Coach

Meet Coach Aaron

Aaron is a lifelong athlete and a competitor to the core. Aaron played 4 years of NCAA D1 soccer at Xavier and Wright State University, before eventually earning a contract to play professionally with the Cincinnati Kings, where he played for a little over 2 seasons.

Although injuries shortened his soccer career, it opened the door for his current competitive endeavors in Olympic Weightlifting.

Most recently, Aaron competed at and won the Florida State Weightlifting Championships in the 81k Men’s Senior division.

Aaron also started developing as a coach at a young age. While playing in college and professionally, Aaron was also heavily involved as a coach at the youth and high school levels in central Ohio. During that time he developed a passion watching his athletes mature and grow as people through their experience in sport.

After starting to compete in Olympic Weightlifting 4 year ago, Aaron immediately dove into the sport, which included him getting his USAW L1 Coaching Certification. He recognized the unique potential weightlifting has to develop stronger, more explosive athletes.

He currently coaches athletes in a number of sports including MMA, Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Crossfit, and Olympic Weightlifting.


Olympic Weightlifting

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