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Mako Challenge - Week 9

Have you noticed any specific changes? Don't worry if you haven't it takes time and the truly lasting benefits take the longest. We have finished 8 weeks and now we move into the last 4 weeks where we work on the continued integration of all the new habits we've created. This week we retest the 10-minute squat challenge take some video and send it to us, we work on our meaningful conversations, and talk about how to battle Inflammation! Trust the PROCESS!


Importance of Making & Building Strong Relationships


During these conversations remember to listen and focus on the person talking. Your body language says a lot during the conversation so take note of how you are standing or sitting. Smile and enjoy the conversation.


See How Many Meaningful Conversations You Can Have This Week.


Ratio 1:3 - Omega 3: Omega 6 - Eating More Fish or Taking Fish Oil



Try to add some fish to your diet this week. If you don't really like fish, try some high quality fish oil.


Air Squat is Essential to Functional Movement and Longevity


Relaxing: Breathe throughout the position. Complete this in the morning one day and then at night another. Was there a difference in difficulty between the two?


5-7 Days This Week, Complete the Following:
Air Squat Hold: Start @ 1-5 min hold (without stopping)
*Add 1 min each day, maxing out at 10 minutes