Mako Challenge - Week 8

Remember it is a journey and we take it one day at a time. No one is perfect, so when you fall pick yourself back up and make the next day better. We are here to see you succeed, so please reach out to us anytime. Let's continue building our momentum this week with tips to Surviving the Workday, using your Commute for Learning, and Exploring the Glycemic Index. BETTER EVERYDAY!


Using Your Commute to Learn


The Tim Ferriss Show, this a great podcast that gives an insight into top performers in every industry and the tools they use to succeed daily.

Ben Bergeron’s Chasing Excellence

Ben Greenfield's Fitness Show ( As of note Ben can get in the weeds and has a lot of information to divulge, but he keeps it interesting and is easy to listen to.

The Shrugged Collective: this a collection of Podcasts from people in the health and wellness arena, there are always great pearls of wisdom in these podcasts.


Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook on Your Daily Commute 3-5 Days This Week


Glycemic Index: Steady Energy, Replacing Glycogen, Carb Sources: Starch/Fruit/Grain


Recovery: Adding Coconut water and fruit to your post-workout whey protein can aid in the recovery process


Work on Timing Your Carbs Based on the Glycemic Index. The higher they are, the more they should be pushed around your workout. Stick to the lower one in times you are less active.


Surviving the Workplace: Move Every Hour You Have to Sit


Use Your Tech: Set reminders on your phone or on a google calendar to ensure you are not sitting for too long. Remember, your body is always adapting to the positions you are putting it through. Move it or lose it!

Further Reading: Deskbound by Dr. Kelly Starrett is a great resource for anyone who works in the office, or is required to sit for prolonged periods of time during the day


Each day, be mindful of how much you are sitting. Get up every 60-90 minutes and move. This is the goal. Later in the day, you can hit some of the corrective exercises discussed in the video.

Complete the following stretches for 2 min per side, per position 4-5 Days this week:
- Couch
- Hip Capsule (modified pigeon)