Mako Challenge - Week 7

We are over halfway and will continue to build on our new skills. How about those fats? Did you notice a difference in your hunger throughout the day? If you are having struggles with anything feel free to reach out and we will help. This week we are doing some Tabata Burpees, Developing a Morning Routine, and looking at different protein sources. As always Trust in the Process and have FUN!


The Importance of a Morning Routine and Sleep


As with the evening routine, the goal here is to develop healthy habits. Carving out time for yourself first thing in the morning can be extremely beneficial for conquering the day and giving you the energy to succeed at your tasks for the day. Remember there is no right or wrong to having a routine just finding one that works for you and sets you up to conquer the day!


Complete Your Morning Routine 3-5 Days This Week.


Protein Sources: Meat, Dairy: Fat vs Fat Free, Supplementation: Whey vs Casein


Post Workout: Try either some Whey or Fat-Free Greek yogurt after your workout. See if this doesn’t help your recovery better and faster.

Before Bed or In a Pinch: Try some full-fat Greek yogurt or casein protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. This is great when you do not have time to cook something or feel hungry before bed.


Continue to Eat a Balance of Protein Throughout the Day. This Week Try Something New.


MCI: Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity - Skill development


MCI - Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity. This means scale to move well. Once you have the progression down, either move faster or challenge yourself to a more difficult progression of the skill.


4-5 Days This Week, Complete:
6-10 Rounds Tabata :20s on/:10s off

*With quality in mind, if able, challenge yourself to the next progression of the burpee, or make them even crisper.