Mako Challenge - Week 5

Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back, you have made it ONE MONTH! How are you feeling? We want to hear from you, find a coach to sit down and talk about how the challenge is going. Hopefully, you have built awareness in new areas of your life. This week, we revisit the Squat, Become Complaint-Free, and Add Variety to Our Vegetable. Have an AWESOME week!


The Complaint-Free Challenge


This exercise is one that will change your life and the lives of those around you. Use the bracelet as a reminder when you might feel anger or complaint coming to a head

When to Switch:
- Complaining Without a Solution
- Gossiping About Others
- No Criticizing

Check out Will Bowen for more information on a Complaint-Free World


Go Complaint-Free for the Next 7 Days


Veggies & Variety


Smoothie - Use spinach and other greens with some fruit to sweeten it up

Salads - Eating your vegetables raw has a ton of benefits. A few good ones to try if you haven’t already: bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and even microgreens

Bonus -  Making Your Salad Dressings


Continue to get your vegetables in at most meals. Try one new vegetable this week


Retesting the Squat: Building Up the Volume


During your squat hold - Try adding a simple weight as a counterbalance if needed. This can be anything heavy enough to pull your chest up and your hips down


4-5 Days this Week, Complete the Following:

5-10 Air Squats
Accumulate 3-6 Minutes in Bottom of the Squat
5-10 Retest Air Squats