Mako Challenge - Week 4

We are headed into the fourth week, how has the beverage challenge been going? Anytime we make changes it comes with highs and lows, not every day will go perfectly. If you fall off or miss a day, it is okay.  Remember, it's about long-term consistency, one day will not make or break you; get back to it as soon as possible. This week we are working on Battling the Effects of Sitting, Establishing an Evening Routine, and Planning Your Meals. Let's get after it!


Establishing an Evening Routine


Use the movement section below as part of your routine, start a journal, read a fiction book before bed

The goal of establishing the nighttime routine is to cue our bodies that is time to go to sleep. Everyone will have their own routine that works for them


Work on your evening routine 3-5 times this week


Plan Ahead


Plan - Make a menu (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) then a grocery list for the week. Think about the days you are too busy to cook and plan for it. Use the days you have more free time to shop, cook, and prep your meals. Make it fun and do it with a friend or family member 

Simplicity - Doesn't have to be complicated or fancy. The goal is building a habit of making your food in advance. Use the potion principles discussed in the previous weeks


This week you need to prep something at least 2-3 days in advance. This doesn't have to be every meal


The Couch Stretch - Improving Hip Health


Frequency - Use commercial breaks, or while your waiting for your food to cook, or as a part of your night rountine

Accountability - Stretch with a roommate, friend, or spouse. It is much easier to do, and stay consistent when you have someone else to stretch it with


Complete 2-3 minutes per side of Couch Stretch 3-5 Days this Week