Mako Challenge - Week 3

Excellent work on the first two weeks! You are building the daily habits that will lead you to success, not only in this challenge but in all areas of your lives. This week we are working on, everyone's favorite movement, the Burpee, along with a Loving-Kindness Exercise and taking a look at Plate Portions.


The Joy of Loving-Kindness


This is a thought exercise, so it can be done at any time in the day. We suggest doing it at the same time each day in order to build a habit that will stick with you over time

This is an extremely powerful exercise and we look forward to hearing how this went


Take Time to Wish Someone Loving-Kindness, 3-5 Times This Week


How Your Plate Should Look - Basic Measurements


Plate Breakdown - Palm-size protein, 50% vegetable, 25% carbohydrate, & small serving of fat. Suggested Whole Foods 

Thinking Ahead - Prepare what you need for the morning the night before, if you do not have time when you wake up. This preparation could be getting some eggs ready or preparing to save some of the veggies you made for dinner the night before


Eat 2-3 Meals a Day that Uses the Basic Portions Discussed in the Video, Work Off the 80/20 Principle


Burpee - Fundamental for Moving Your Body in Space


Use a progression that allows you to move well. This is NOT a Max effort test, but rather just some light, quality movement to help you wake up and start your day.


Complete 2 minutes of Burpees first thing in the morning after drinking a glass of water 3-5 Days this week.