Mako Challenge - Week 12

Congratulations, we are in the final week! Please reach out this week and schedule a sit down with a coach to talk about how the challenge went, and how we can go forward to continue your success. For the final week, we talk about making Mobility a Daily Habit, Spending Time with Family and Friends, and Cheat Meals vs. Cheat Days. Be on the lookout for one more email next week talking about how we continue your success after the challenge. Excellent Work!


Time Spent with Family and Friends


Schedule a weekly dinner with friends or family. Plan an activity outside such as a hike or going to the BEACH with friends and family. Remember the gym is your family and we love to get together with everyone, so come to any gym outing


Spend 3 Hours or More This Week with Family and Friends


No Weekend Off: Use Your Community!


Quality Time: We are the average of the people we spend the most time with. Spend this weekend with your family and friends who have the same goals and mindset that you do. This makes the weekend not about willpower but about empowering yourself and those around you


7 Days of Consistency, including the weekend. Set up a get together with others who share the common goal of better eating habits, and task everyone with bringing a dish. This is a great way to not only build a better relationship with those you care about but also learn new varieties of food that others bring to the table.


Making Mobility a Daily Habit


Building a Habit: Try showing up to the gym early to hit some mobility specific to the days training. Ask a coach if you are unsure what to do. Also, try doing some light mobility at night to relax before bed. Remember, the key to long-term change is being consistent and focusing on one small change at a time


5- 7 Days of Week, Complete 10 Minutes of Mobility Each Day.

*Pick any previous stretches are good and or one of the new ones discussed in the video.