Mako Challenge - Week 11

Two weeks left! How are you feeling? Remember we are working on creating lasting habits and making lifestyle changes. It is not an easy or fast process, but it will help you achieve the results you want and make them last. This week we work on Positions through our favorite movement the Burpee, Develop a Meditation Practice, and learn how to Quantify our food through Weighing and Measuring. Striving for Excellence!


Meditation and the Power of Developing a Practice


Use the app Headspace or Calm they can be downloaded for free and each gives a week of sessions for free. This our guided meditations that will help you to develop the habit each using a vipassana style approach of focusing the breath. As we have built up over the weeks use what you have learned to harness the power of this practice


Meditate for 10 Minutes 3-5 times This Week


Weighing and Measuring to Quantify Your Food Portions


Food Tracking Logs:


Weigh and measure your food for 3-5 days, and calculate your macros.
This is where sitting down in a one on setting can help you get more understanding of eating for your goal.


MCI - Building Momentum with Your Daily Movements


Quality Movement: It is important to focus back on the MCI we discussed earlier. You should start to feel more consistent with your movement. It should feel easier this week than ever before


5-7 Days This Week, Complete the Following:
:30 sec On / :30s Rest

- Start @ 5 Rounds
- Add one round each day

*Max: 10 rounds (10 minutes)