Mako Challenge - Week 10

Welcome to week 10, how did the squat test go last week? We love to talk about all things health and wellness related, feel free to shoot us a message or sit down with a coach. This week we continue to integrate the habits with more Gut and Butt, Learning how to break our sleep into weekly cycles, and the importance of Tracking our food intake. Let us have some FUN as we continue GROWING!


Breaking Our Sleep Down Into 90 Minute Cycles and How Many We Need a Week


The idea of using sleep cycles to track sleep may seem a different approach but if we use all of the tactics we have built on we will have a great success rate. For more information listen to this podcast with Nick Littlehales.


Get 35 Sleep Cycles This Week


Dialing in Your Diet with Tracking



Write a 3-5 Day Food Log and Annotate Which are Protein, Carbs, & Fats


Moving Through the Hollow Body Position - Building on Our Basic Positions


Get Started Off Right: Complete first thing in the morning and get some easy early wins to the day!

Awareness: Are your movements improving? How does your gymnastics feel?


5-7 Days This Week, Complete the Following:
Butt and Gut
:30 sec on/ :30s Rest
*Glute Bridge/Single Leg Bridge

5 Rounds Minimum (10 minutes)
Can add one round each day
*Max 10 rounds (20 minutes)