Mako Challenge - Week 1

Hello Athlete,

Welcome to week 1 of the Mako Challenge. The first few weeks are all about building Awareness. Staying consistent is the key to success and seeing results. We will focus on developing habits to make the challenge a lifestyle. Also, use your Support Team: your Mako family, coaches, and family at home to hold you accountable. Let's make this first week AWESOME!


Importance of Getting 7-9 Hours a Night of Quality Sleep


Black out your room for a deeper sleep

Work on creating a routine

Adhere to the nutrition tips of limiting Caffeine intake


Turn all screens off 30 minutes before bed every day this week


Beverages: How They Affect Your Overall Goals


Coffee/Caffeine - limit to the AM. Switch out sugar for small amounts of quality fat: Coconut milk, Almond milk, grass-fed butter

Soda/Juice - Try trading this out for something without sugar. Water with Lemon/lime is a good start, but if you still crave the carbonation: try sparkling water(La Croixé), or something sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar(Zevia)

Water - Drink before you get thirsty, if you are sweating a lot in the gym, adding electrolytes(sea salt) help you stay hydrated without over hydrated. Another way to flavor your water and get electrolytes at the same time is adding things like Nuun


Make better beverage choices to stabilize energy levels throughout the day, recover adrenals, and improve quality of sleep


Air Squat is Essential to Functional Movement and Longevity


Use something to hold onto if your Range of Motion is limited

You can also use something as a target, make sure you stay active


Spend 3-5 minutes in the Bottom of the Squat 3-5 Days this Week