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By: Mako Athletics

Building Memories That Last A Lifetime - Mako Athletics

The Holiday season is upon us, and as we get together with family to celebrate, let us remember how important this time is. It is easy to get wrapped up in our fast paced busy lives, and forget to be thankful for the time spent with our loved ones. The holidays is time to catch up with family and friends, enjoy a drink, and delicious food, along with a great conversation or two.


Dianne, Wyatt, and I traveled up to North Carolina yesterday, and while on the road it got me thinking about how important this time spent with the two of them is. All too often I get caught up in life, stressed out about things I shouldn’t be stressed about, which in the grand scheme of life won’t really matter. What does matter is spending time and making memories with those you love. We all have a limited amount of time here on this earth, so spend it wisely, enjoy the little things in life, and let go of the stressful things. I know this is easier said than done, but while with family and friends, take a step back and enjoy the moment. As you slow things down, you can then begin to appreciate the time and memories that are being made.  


I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving, and remember to have fun as you celebrate and make new memories!

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