Positivity, Self Assurance, and the Mind

By: Mako Athletics

Postive Talk And Positive Mindset - Mako Athletics

Let us talk about the power of self talk, and the effects that it can have on us. I’m talking about the voice that starts in your head by telling you that it can’t be done or it will be to hard. That little voice starts out as a thought, and then the idea grows, and when you are presented with the task you verbally make the commitment that the task will be to difficult or you just aren’t able to accomplish such a task. The voice in your head has now turned into negative rhetoric.

I have mentioned before that the mind is the most powerful tool that we possess, but we must harness the power, and set ourselves up for success if we are going to use it to our advantage. Not sure what I am talking about? Let me give you an example of two fictional characters.

2 friends Tim and Jack both sign up for a marathon that is 3 months away. Both are starting out in the same condition, no real distance running training, but both are in decent shape, and both have identical training plans. The one slight difference is that Tim signed up, and immediately after he was positive in his self talk about sticking to the plan to preparing to complete the marathon. Jack, on the other hand, immediately thought about how hard it was going to be to train everyday, and how his friends were going to give him a hard time about not hanging out, and all the other reasons not to go through with everything, but he was signed up and decided to trudge through the plan towards completion of the marathon. Fast forward 2 months, Tim has had some highs and lows in training, but he continues to reaffirm through positive talk that the plan is working, and he will complete the marathon. Jack has also had some highs, but a lot more lows, and the training has been wearing on him, especially mentally, as it has been a battle and he has even missed a few days of training. Both push forward and make it to race day where they meet up to talk about training and the race ahead. Tim is excited about the race raving about how he looks forward to the training paying off in the latter miles when the race gets tough. Jack says that he isn’t sure if he will make it to the finish, but remarks that he will give it a try. Both toe up at the starting line and the gun goes off, as both friends run into the distance. At the finish we find Tim who is enthralled with having completed his first marathon, he waits for his friend Jack who was a few miles behind him last he knew. A while later jack gets dropped off in a car looking distraught. Tim asks what happened and jack explains he just couldn’t get through the last couple of miles.

This story can help paint a picture as both friends embarked upon the same plan with the same goal in mind. One had a positive self talk, while the other had a negative self talk. Both of the characters self talk turned into a reality. One finished the race and the other did not.

The brain is extremely powerful so it’s important for us to use it to accomplish everything that we want to do. I challenge everyone to take a serious look at how you view different goals and the self talk that goes on in your head. Turn the positive talk into a positive reality!

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