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I was going to give you a list of time management hacks to help everyone make the most of their most valuable asset, but I’ve been influenced by a documentary that I watched this last week to talk about living with passion and making good art. I recently watched the Defiant One’s on HBO, for those who haven’t seen it, it is a 4 part documentary about Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine. The Documentary follows the two of them from the start of their careers until now. If you didn’t know Dre, and Iovine sold Beats by Dre to Apple for 3 Billion, just a small chunk of change.  One thing that was reiterated throughout the documentary was how dedicated each was to their craft. Dre is a perfectionist when it comes to producing music, and Jimmy has an uncanny ability to put the right people together and push them past what they ever thought was possible. As I was watching I was texting with Brandon about comparisons and how they each had a passion to do everything they did to the highest of their ability and potential.  


Being that we are in the CrossFit world you can imagine I follow/listen to a lot of Podcasts that have to do with our industry and sport. One of those is Ben Bergerons Chasing Excellence(Ben is the coach of Katrin Davidsdottir, and Mat Fraser the Fittest on Earth). He talks a great deal about mindset and making the most of every session. Katrin takes it one step further to talk about being the best she can be at everything she does. I was talking with a few members about this early this week, and it was great reminder to myself that I must push for perfection in everything that I do, and when I chase the perfection, I will achieve EXCELLENCE!


Talking about Excellence is one thing, but living your life in line with achieving excellence is another thing in and of itself. How does one live to be the best you each and everyday. It starts with a positive mindset from the second you get out of bed each morning you are faced with the decisions that can affect your mood one way or the other, the question is how will you face each to see the positive instead of the negative. It’s as simple as that, find the positive in every situation you are faced with and from that you will find you are headed towards excellence. I know some of you are saying WHOA says that is a load of Bullshit, I’m always positive, but it seems nothing ever goes my way. To that I say Bullshit, you might be positive on the outside but inside your mind your negative with the self talk(I’ve spoke at length about this before so I won’t get into here).I am saying that it starts with you and when you align with the positive and seek to push towards perfection on everything you do, people around you will notice, and one of two things will happen, they will also up their level and push towards perfection with, or they will try and bring you down. I’ll give you an example you start your new diet, but you still want to go out with friends for drinks and dinner, so you meet your friends out it is day 3 of your diet and you’ve been feeling great and doing great. You arrive at the restaurant and your friends already have a table you sit down the waitress comes by and you order a sparkling water, while everyone else is drinking. Immediately your friends ask what is going on why the water why no drinks, you explain and it is at that moment that your friends will either praise or chastise, and it is during this moment that you will either push the positive or go negative and break. When you align with the positive and work towards perfection in everything you do, you will find that those around you will do the same, or they will just go away. This may mean a change in friends or those you spend the most time with, but most of the time that is for the better. If we all seek to achieve perfection in our given passion it is their that we will achieve Excellence, and through this we can all make a difference in the world.

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