Mako Challenge - Week 2

Great work on Week One! What were some of the successes and issues you had? We would love to talk about them, you can email us at, or direct message us on Instagram/Facebook. This week we will continue building on our momentum from week one. We will focus on Core Stability, Mindfulness, and Eating Whole Foods. Enjoy and remember true lasting change takes time. Trust in the PROCESS!


Mindfulness: The Importance of Being in Touch with the Mind & Body


One breath a day is a simple task

Remember, we are building a practice and this practice will encourage you to have an intention and do something beneficial for yourself, daily


Take One Mindful Breath Each Day This Week


Eat Whole Foods


Vegetable - Adding butter can make steamed vegetables taste delicious and is an excellent source of healthy fat. Striving for Grass-Fed Butter will increase the healthy Omega-3s, which we will discuss later in the challenge.

Protein - Eggs, Poultry, Beef, Pork, and Fish. One thing you can try to do at your meals is to make sure the portion size is that of your palm. This will help you get enough without eating too much.

Fat - Getting in fat from plants is just as important as the fat we get from animals and dairy. Olive Oil is a great way to get in a healthy fat that doesn't add a ton of volume to what you are already eating. Add it to already cooked vegetables or a salad. Of course, there are other plant-based options including avocados, nuts, and seeds.


Eat One Meal that Consist of Vegetables, Protein, and Fat Each Day This Week


Hollow Body Position - Essential to Midline Stabilization


Record & Save:

Which progression did you use?

How many sets did it take you to get to 2 minutes?


Spend 2 Minutes in the Hollow Body Position 3-5 Days This Week