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Mako CrossFit

Group CrossFit Classes are the heart and soul of Mako Athletics. Exemplifying the CrossFit definition of “constantly varied, functional movements, performed at a high-intensity,” we work every day to provide an environment that leaves everyone with a feeling of accomplishment, invigoration, and gratitude.  Through COMMUNITY, and working with others, we break the monotony of the typical gym routine, where most people have their headphones in, doing their own thing, and have no interest in how everyone around them is doing. At Mako, we work, we sweat, we succeed TOGETHER!

Our One Hour Class is lead by one or more Coaches and includes:

  • Whiteboard discussion to explain the workout and set goals for the class
  • Personalized suggestions to meet desired intensity for the day
  • General to specific warm up to ensure you are ready to meet the demands of the high-intensity workout
  • Skill development time to teach and progress new skills
  • Individualized scaling, when needed, to work around any previous injuries
  • Constant encouragement, cueing and correcting of movement during the workout to keep you moving safely and efficiently
  • Post workout cool down time consisting of stretches, accessory work, or even lifestyle and nutrition talks
  • Camaraderie with your classmates of all ages and fitness level

Our Mission is to be the Best Hour of Your Day