Mako's Mission

Our mission is to Lead the Pensacola Community in Living Healthier & Happier!

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To accomplish our mission, our PHILOSOPHY is:

We believe in fun.  We believe that, to be effective in a long-term sense, exercise has to be enjoyable.  It has to be creative.

We are the segue into a more healthy, active life.  That responsibility means introducing our memebers to new activities, making them comfortable with working out in any environment, and giving them attributes they can display with pride.

We believe in hard work.  Our own hard work will be recognized by our members, family and friends, and will encourage them to work harder in the face of challenges.  We believe in multi-joint exercise using body weight or free weights.  We believe exercise can happen anywhere, at any time.   We train movements, not muscles.

We believe in the long haul.  Continual progress is necessary for self-actualization; if you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind.  We set milestones and celebrate when they’re reached.  And then we reach further.

Above all, we believe in ourselves and our members!

To ensure that we stay on our path, we follow our core values:

Help First - The core of everything we do is to help people.

Team - We are committed to succeeding as one.

Driven - We are continuously learning and developing.

Virtuosity - We strive for perfection in everything we do

Play - We believe in maintaining the spirit of our youth