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By: Mako Athletics

Happiness, Joy, Peace, And Longevity - Mako Athletics

The alarm goes off and your mind is in a bit of a haze as you come out of the dream state you were in.  As you get the engine started for the day the mind begins to buzz with thoughts about the day, and tasks to checked off the list. How do you feel about the day ahead? Are you happy to be awake for the day, filled with joy as you attack your day, or does a bit of angst set in, as it is another day in which you trudge through, working without a real purpose. I read an article the other day on Stoicism, and the author was saying when we arise each morning we should be thankful for our health and look to attack our day with vigor as this was what we were put here to do on this earth.

What if your not happy with your current situation, or if you feel stuck with your job or life? The answer quite simply, is make the change. I’m not talking about being half in, but going all in and pursuing  your passion. Sure there are family and financial reasons that this might not be possible right away, but with some hard work, dedication, and a little extra free time spent working on your passion or towards your dream Job/life it can be possible.

I’ll give you an example: 3 and half years ago I got back to the states after being in Guam, while in the Navy. I came back still in the Navy, but on shore duty with a goal to transition out of the Navy when my enlistment was over. Sounds simple enough, but as many of you, who have been in the military know, after being in a for 5-10 years things become simple, and you are in a good spot career wise.  While I loved my job of teaching and training, I did not agree with the leadership, or the inability to change things from within. So I knew I needed to make a change. Fast forward 3 years, and I was lucky enough to have found Mako and an opportunity, I was also blessed to have our first son on the way at the same time I would get out of the Navy. Here is where I had to say I must commit and go all in to make the change, so I could wake up everyday and live my life with passion and purpose.

I tell this story to illustrate the point, that I could have stayed in the Navy and done a job that I enjoyed, but wasn’t passionate about. While this would have been an ok choice, it wasn’t in line with the goals that I had set.

We all have goals we want to accomplish in our lives, so I challenge you to pursue those goals. Go find your passion, and commit with everything you have. Weather it is to your family, job, or life commit to making a serious change. There will always be a million reasons why you can’t, but it only take one reason why you CAN. Live each day with passion in your life, and the universe will respond in kind with happiness!

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