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Last week one of my best childhood friends in town, we hadn’t seen each other in just short of 10 years. While we both took very different paths to get to where we are today, one thing that kept coming up in our talks was how people get stuck in a loop of life. You might be asking why am I talking about changing your loop in regards to working out, or how can this help you with your workouts. Simple change the way you speak and think about your workouts. How many times have you told yourself and your friends, “ this is going to suck” right before your workout, all your friends agree and say the same thing, and this is just minutes before you do the workout. I got to delve a little deeper with my friend Mike on a few ways we can change this pattern or loop.


While talking with my friend we started to look at how some people are able to break from the loops that they were in and create a new loop, while others we knew were still in the same loop. We both had different thoughts on how to break the loop, but they were centered around changing thought patterns. I find that people fall victim to the language they use. Through talks with people I hear, oh I can’t do that, or well so and so is just so gifted I could never be on that level. It is this kind of self defeating talk that leads to a loop that is nowhere near our full potential or ability.


Mike thought it had to do a lot with who we surround ourselves with, most of you have probably heard you are a make up of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Mike adheres to this principle and when he is looking to seriously change his loop or behavior he will go as far as to move to another country to surround himself with the people he is trying to emulate. Now I know we don’t all have this kind of luxury, but we can all take a look at the folks we spend time with and the language we use.  Next time you are sitting and talking with your friends about a workout you are going to do, take a look at the language everyone is using. Become the catalyst for change with your friends, and make a conscious effort to be positive with your language. Apply this thinking to all parts of your life, not just in the gym, I think you will find the results to be quite AMAZING!

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