Food Hack: A Healthy Meal in a Pinch

By: Mako Athletics


I thought I would share with you my favorite restaurant/fast food hack! It’s simple and has helped me survive and get a LARGE, healthy meal in a pinch. This particular hack involves Jason’s Deli, and I can get 2-3 meals out of 1 trip!

The salad bar at Jason’s Deli is amazing! There are lots of healthy choices and when you order it to go, the possibilities are endless! When you order the salad bar to-go (around $7.00), you get a large single-compartment box, a large cup for soup, and a pretty big dressing container. I always get a second dressing container as well.

For my order, I order a grilled chicken breast and then start filling up the containers! The chicken breast comes by itself, so the containers are empty. For the large container, I just fill with mostly spinach (you know how expensive spinach is) and you can pack this thing pretty full! I also use the large container for lots of their fresh vegetables! As for the soup bowl, I always put on a few hard-boiled eggs and greek peppers (awesome snacks!). The dressing containers, I fill one with hummus for the vegetables, and the other with bacon!

When you get this meal home, you can easily separate everything and make a few good sized, healthy meals!

Let me know your favorite restaurant hack!! And ask me about my breakfast hack at a certain chicken place that is only good Mon-Sat!

~ Cuz

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