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Think CrossFit Isn’t For You?

As a lady in her sixty, Genie Cribb was very hesitant about trying CrossFit, and with encouragement from her friend, Pamela, she promised to try it a month. We are happy to announce seven months later, Genie is one of the most consistent 5am members at Mako Athletics. She is in the gym 5 days a week with a smile on her face, a tiger in her eye and the determination to improve longevity. Genie is a true inspiration to us and she is a great example that it is never too late to work on your health and fitness.

Take a Few Minute to Hear Genie’s Story in Her Own Words!

“For a number of months I pondered training for “functional strength”. That buzzword for those of us who are aging and need the physical stamina for going forward. While low in weight and body fat, I had begun to feel like a frail old woman; a phrase that often ran through my thoughts.

It was a sweet Sister-Friend, who knew nothing of this, that invited me to Mako CrossFit, offering to come with me my first visit. She has continued to be a supporter, encourager, workout buddy and accountability partner as well as a wealth of ideas and information.

It was February 27 that I walked into Mako, meeting Scott…….Poor Scott……Longest ramp-on ever, I imagine!
I started with faithfully participating 3 times a week, moved up to 4 days, then 5 workout days a week.
Now it is 6 months later and I have noted a number of changes, not just in body, but mind and spirit as well. I will bypass the shaky legs, having to hold the railing to walk down the steps and trying to breathe after early workouts……..

The most dramatic experience for me was when I realized that I felt my musculature supporting my frame. Oh My, my bone structure felt as if borne by my muscles. I have seen more muscle definition and a lifting in those saggy areas. I look forward to wearing my sleeveless things now as I do not have that extra wave from droopy upper arms. I have noted a difference in my skin tone and elasticity…..there’s that aging things again. And speaking of aging, I feel the hands of time moving in reverse, more youthful in thought and presentation.

As a woman who has a very strong familial history with dementia (every woman in my maternal line) most of what I do is for cognition. I have certainly seen improvements in clarity and memory. Alertness ??? Well that depends on the hour of the day. Overall I just feel brighter. I have surely seen benefits in my mood with alleviation of lowered mood and absence of any anxiety; very minimal worry. I move through my day almost effortlessly, noting a resilience as I face what comes.

I now enjoy a confidence and sense of security in moving through my life day to day. It is successful task accomplishment that builds genuine self esteem. And, Yes, I have been enjoying that as well. I have seen my stamina build. There are mornings ( I am a 5 AM’er) I feel carried through by workout by my body. It feels quite weird to not be at the gym if for some reason I have an early appointment at the office. All so very natural now.

I am so appreciative of the support, the growing new friendships and sense of community. I have been encouraged, challenged and at the same time never disparaged but being met where at the point of my current strength and skill.

So, no more excuses ~ which after all are just reasons joined with lies we tell ourselves.
I take this opportunity to say:
To Kyle, thank you (I think 😉) for the challenges you offer me.
To Scott, I consider you my trainer. I appreciate your patience with me and attention to what I accomplish. I’ll get to work on that flexibility, I promise 😎”

~ Genie

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