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Why compete? A common theme with the CrossFit open just a few weeks around the corner. I hear the question why should I compete, or I don’t like competition. Yet it is the competitive spirit that brings us all together in the gym everyday. We get together with our friends and attack the workout or grind through, after we joke about how easy or hard it was. If we worked out early in the morning we check into wodify later to see where everyone is stacking up, or on the way to the gym so we know how many rounds or reps were shooting for. We compete because it is FUN, or better yet.

Why we Compete

We compete because it is the igniter that takes us to levels that were thought to be impossible. Through competition we find ourselves, and learn what we are actually made of. We find out that we aren’t made of glass, but were malleable plastic that transforms with time! Our shapes change when we compete, they take on a new form one that can only be found when we push past our barriers. The mind is a complex tool, but it can be tricked to take the body to a new level, and it is through competition that we are able to trick the mind into doing things the body thought was impossible.

Having Fun

This year I look forward to competing alongside each and everyone of you during the open. I look forward to seeing all of the PR’s, the first muscle ups, handstand push-ups, pull-ups. The Competition of the open will bring us all together with one common goal and that is to WIN every workout that comes our way and have FUN! Let the competition begin. GO TEAM GAINZ!

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