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By: Mako Athletics

Breaking Barriers And Achieving Greatness - Mako Athletics

Ever wonder why we get stuck? Why am I not progressing forward anymore? I get asked this question quite often, as to why someone isn’t seeing any progress, or why it seems as if they have hit a wall in training. I know personally I have asked myself many times, why am I not hitting as many Pr’s, or why does it seem that I am not making as many GAINS, as I was before. The answer can be twofold, on one side we have to remember that as we progress on our fitness journey, the new movements we learn become less, and the skill with which to progress becomes more of the issue. On the other side, we must once again step out of our comfort zone, and find challenge with a new movement or workout. This is what I want to talk with everyone about today.

Step out of your comfort zone, be ok with being uncomfortable, or better yet enjoy being a bit uncomfortable. That is an easy phrase to say, but a tougher one to live by. All too often we take a step out of our comfort zone, and then a week or so later we have found a routine, and fall into a pattern, while this pattern can be a good one for establishing a routine, it can also be the enemy when looking to push the envelope, or when you find yourself stuck in a rut.

With all of the learning that is available at our fingertips, I am amazed at how few people take advantage of such things. We have the ability to use our smartphones and learn a new language with Duolingo, or learn physics, and biomechanics with Khan academy. Instead we choose to play angry birds or some other game. Why because it is easy, simple, and comfortable.

The same can be said for fitness step, out of your comfort area, if you day is spent at work, and nights watching T.V. change it up and get out of the house take a walk. The hardest part is getting started, if you are already working your fitness, but have found yourself stuck, talk with your coach, and commit to stepping out of your comfort zone.

The challenge I have for all of you reading this, is to find a place in your life whether in fitness or not, and step out of your comfort zone. If it is fitness, learn a new movement, or work on the ones that are the hardest for you. If life related, learn something new, anytime we work to acquire a new skill, we are stepping out of comfort zone, and this is where the FUN begins, and HAPPINESS ensues.

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