Meet the Trainers

At Mako Athletics, our coaches make your training worthwhile. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to all our members. Whatever your goals are, our team can help you achieve them -- one workout at a time.

coach brandon massie

Brandon Massie

Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3); Primal Health Coach; CrossFit Kids; CrossFit Competitors



Kyle Hoef

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate (CF-L2)

General Manager


Coach Carlos Bown

Carlos Bown

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1)

Social Media Manager


Ashley Guyer

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1); USAW-L1; Crossfit Mobility; Precision Nutrition Coach


Dr. CJ Depalma

CrossFit Level 2 Certificate (CF-L2)

Physical Therapist

Nik Hoskins at beach brawl

Dr. Nik Hoskins

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1)

Physical Therapist