Kyle’s Enjoying:

Would you like a little extra kick with your coffee? I recently purchased Four Sigmatic’s Lion’s Mane and Four Sigmatic’s Cordyceps. They come in individual packets and you can add them to your cup of morning joe. Four Sigmatic’s Cordyceps helps energize and support endurance while supporting lung function and Four Sigmatic’s Lion’s Mane supports focus, memory and concentration as well as the brain and nervous system. I have notice a huge difference in my performance and when I need to focus. So if you are having 3-5 cups of coffee a day, want to challenge you to have one cup of coffee with a Four Simatic kick. Enjoy Athletes!

Brandon’s Inspired by:

Chef’s Table, on Netflix. I find that I can relate work as a coach to that of a chef, in the sense that you can know how to correct movement, write programs, and manage a group class like a chef knows how to combine spices, utilize different cooking techniques, and draw from his or her palate. No matter how much you know, it means nothing if you cannot put it together to create an impactful experience for the people around you. Mastering the basics and learning to employ techniques that inspire others is making good art, regardless the discipline.

Kevin’s Thinking About:

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my purpose in life. My family is my main purpose but helping others be the best versions of themselves is something that also drives me to be better. With that said, I challenge you to be purposeful, in everything you do. A purpose driven life is a good life for you and everyone that spends time with you. Acting mindlessly, carelessly, with no intention to anything, that is always a waste of time and a waste of your existence. We have a gift of being alive and being able to learn! With that gift, and your ability, you can make the future you want happen for yourself become a reality. Either you take that seriously, or you don’t.

My challenge to you this week is do the little things in your day with true purpose. Whether that’s your workout in the gym or cooking dinner for your family, just do it with purpose.

Seth’s Enjoying:

Woodworking, I have been building benches for the farmhouse dinner table I made. The benches proved to have an added level of difficulty, but it has made the project that much more fun. There is a sense of joy that you get when you finish putting something together with your hands, or at least there is for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed how it calms my mind, and I am looking forward to learning how to do more woodwork around the house.



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