4 Thought Friday

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Below is your weekly dose of 4 Thought Friday, a short list of idea’s, thoughts, and experiments from a few members of the Mako Team. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Farsolas: Power of Positive Thinking

There is a parable of an alcoholic father who had two sons. One of the sons grew up to be a successful, sober businessman and the other one became a struggling alcoholic. The adult sons were asked, “Why are you the way you are?” They both answered, “I turned out this way because my father was an alcoholic.”

One of the sons used his unfortunate life events as fuel for his success. The other used his hardship as a rationalization for his addiction. Life is full of suffering, adversity, and challenges; this is inevitable. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control the way we perceive our life events. There are silver linings and lessons to be learned even in the hardest of situations; you just have to search for them. Challenges can be difficult to overcome but if you can make it through, you will come out stronger and wiser than before. In the words of self-help guru Tony Robbins, “life is happening FOR you, not to you.”

Kyle’s Listening:

How to Get Clarity in Your Life

I am a huge fan of Rob Dyrdek. Some of my favorite shows are Rob & Big and Fantasy Factors. He is a great example of if you have a dream and believe in it enough, you can make it become a reality. In this interview, he talks about his journey, from his party days to his successful days. He lives an outside the box kind of life. He is willing to try new things like getting attacked by a tiger and achieve multiple Guinness World Records to building million-dollar brands. It is a great and interesting listen! Enjoy!

Brandon’s Enjoying:

I really enjoyed my trip home to Ohio, spending time with my wife, family, and friends. Even more so, I enjoyed sharing my son, Ronan, with all of those who love him. While we were up there, we took a trip down to KY to visit some family and watch bluegrass music. It was incredible to see him smile, dance, and clap his hands bringing joy to all those around him. He had all them old ladies trying to take him home! Then we went up to MI for a wedding, and it was more of the same: he laughed, smiled, danced some more, and made everyone’s time at the wedding even sweeter. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

Seth’s Having Fun!

I traveled to Indianapolis last week to meet with my childhood friends who run Naptown Fitness. It was an awesome trip and we got to talk about best business practices and we had a lot of ideas that helped both of our gyms. One unexpected thing that happened was riding lime rideshare scooters around town. This might not seem like that big a deal, but it was like being a little kid again smile and laughing while having fun on the scooters. I even reached out to the folks at Lime to try and get the scooters here in Pensacola, no word as of yet, but I will keep trying.

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