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By: Mako Athletics

Primal Nosh Meal

Below is your weekly dose of 4 Thought Friday, a short list of idea’s, thoughts, and experiments from a few members of the Mako Team. Enjoy!

Brandon’s Doing:

Back on the “Keto Train.” I recently wrote about how there is No Magic Pill when it comes to nutrition, and how I have tried many diets in the past, all with some success. After recently starting the book, “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance,” I have decided to dive back in and see if I cannot be more precise with my eating to unlock higher performance mentally and physically, without the undulation day to day. Some key takeaways, straight from the book that have intrigued me enough to dive back to the low carbohydrate lifestyle:
Body stores of fat fuel (typically >40,000 Calories [kcal]) vastly exceed its maximum stores of carbohydrate fuel(≈2,000 kcal).
Keto-adaptation provides a steady and sustained source of fuel for the brain, thereby protecting athletes from hitting the wall.
Decreases the accumulation of lactate, contributing to better control of pH and respiratory function.
All of this suggests, that if you take a safe, well-planned approach to low carb eating, stay 100% consistent for 2-4 weeks, you can start to tap into the deep fuel storages of fat, recover faster, feel less sore, and have better mental performance. That being said, let you know how it goes.

Cuz is Perplexed:

I usually spend most of my day thinking about some of life’s great mysteries. So this week I’ve been trying to delve into the inexhaustible definition of the phrase “pair of panties.” Perhaps you haven’t spent as much time as I have pondering the abstruseness of this phrase.
So let’s break it down…… The first word is ‘pair’ which means ‘two’…. And ‘panties’ is plural which obviously means more than one ‘panty’.
Using simple mathematics this would mean that a “pair of panties” would indicate that there are 2 of >1 panty….. Right? Here is where I’m confused. What is a ‘panty’? Is it simply a short pant? Why wouldn’t that just be called ‘shorts’?
Now I’ve entered the wormhole…. How many short is in a pair of shorts? How many jean is in a pair of jeans?
Next week, I’ll discuss which toe is actually your ‘ring toe.’ Is it the one that you wear a toe-ring on (which is IMHO your index toe)? Or is the one next to your pinky-toe (the one that had roast beef)?
I look forward to hearing all of your input!

Seth Working On:

I’ve been partaking in Sober October, I follow Joe Rogan on Instagram and decided I would partake in no booze for the month of October. I’ve quit drinking before and I find it a good practice to do every so often especially for me. This isn’t to say I’m an alcoholic, but I do enjoy drinking and occasionally I have a few too many. Drinking is something that runs in my family and I’m well aware of how easy it can be to fall down the rabbit hole of allowing alcohol to run your life. Taking extended breaks from potential vices is a great way to ensure you are in control and this doesn’t just have to apply to booze, you could do No sugar November or Movement March you name it the possibilities are endless. Everyone has vices good and bad, and working on those vices so you can be in control is extremely powerful

Kyle’s Enjoying:

Need a chance to unwind and have a good laugh? Just watched the new Joe Rogan: Strange Times on Netflix and my abs still hurt from laughing! He puts a hilarious spin on current topics and discussions. If you can get offended easily, I wouldn’t recommend watching it; however, if you enjoy a good laugh, I definitely recommend watching his special. #vegancat

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