4 Thought Friday

By: Mako Athletics

Athlete In Hang Position
Below is your weekly dose of 4 Thought Friday, a short list of idea’s, thoughts, and experiments from a few members of the Mako Team. Enjoy!

Kyle’s Experimenting:

How to use the snooze alarm to set you up for success! A lot of people use the alarm to get the extra 9 minutes of sleep that does more harm than good. So how do I use the snooze alarm to set myself up for a WIN? (Because you have heard multiple times from us “Win the morning, Win the day!” ) Once I hit the snooze alarm, I have 9 minutes to drink a glass of water and hit an EMOM of 10 push-ups every 30 seconds for 5 minutes. No matter how I feel or how fast I get out of bed, I know I have 9 minutes! It doesn’t have to be push-ups, you can do sit-ups, air squats, burpees, or a combination of the movements. I challenge you to pick a movement(s), a rep scheme and try to accomplish it for 2 weeks! Let’s Get After It!

Brandon’s Inspiration:

Just reminding you to view everything in life, as it pertains to performance and recovery as debits and deposits. A workout is a debit, eating bad food is a debit, drinking alcohol, is yes a debit… But what are deposits and why are they important? Anything that aids in recovery; good sleep, good food, REST, relaxing with the family, playing games, journaling, stretching are all deposits and necessary if you are going to push yourself day in and day out. Consistently debiting leads to a mounting dept your butt literally cannot cash. It leads to fatigue, overtraining, irritability, and injury. So.. do not forget for every debt you make needs at least one or two deposits to get back in the positive. It’s a simple concept that can keep you from burning out and thriving going to the gym every day. USE IT!

Seth Experimenting:

I mentioned this in a 4 thought a few months ago I have added the Simple and Sinister Kettlebell workout developed by Pavel Tsatsouline for the last couple of months I have done the Simple side which is 100 KB swings broken into 10 sets of 10 and then 10 Get-ups 5 each arm. I have worked my way up to do the swings and the get-ups with the 70lb bell and I just pushed to start the Sinister side of the program this week, which pushes to max the KB swings and then immediately jump into the get-ups. The Sinister side of the program has proved to be extremely challenging, but I am really enjoying how it is still simple as it’s just swings and get-ups. I will look to continue this regime mixed with Class workouts and running over the course of the next few months, as I look to introduce a 100lb KB into the routine, and I will update everyone on a 4 thought about the 100lb bell in few months.

Cuz’s Cooking:

Smoked Wings Recipe
Last week, my post was about grilling season and all of the rewards that come with spending time outside by the grill (the grill should be used outdoors 68% of the time). So this week I thought I would share a recipe that I have perfected for the greatest food ever…..CHICKEN WINGS!!!!
Use this recipe as a guide for preparing the wings, but add your own personal touch to the sauce and the possibilities are endless!
Personally, I smoke my wings first over indirect heat, but if you dont have a smoker, you can always just grill the wings first.

If using a smoker, soak your wood chips in water for at least 1 hour.
Preheat smoker to 225 and add wood chips (hickory is my fave, but pecan works good as well), or grill to 400
Season wings with:
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cayenne (optional if you want some heat)

It normally takes me about 2 hours on the smoker, and and 30-40 minutes over the hot coals for the wings to reach 160 degrees.

While the wings are on the grill, prepare your sauce on the stove top. In a saucepan,
2 tbsp of soy sauce or tamari
1 tbsp butter or ghee
A little sriracha if you want some heat!
Favorite sauce*

Simmer until the butter is melted

*My sauce I use ⅜ cup Frank’s Red Hot (NOT THE BUFFALO SAUCE), ⅜ cup Valentina hot sauce, and a tbsp each of Crystal’s, and Louisiana hot sauce. I actually don’t measure, but I’m a professional.

When the wings reach 160, remove from the grill and toss in the prepared sauce. Then grill directly over the coals for about 4-5 minutes. You will have perfectly sticky delicious chicken wings!
Again, be creative with the sauce that you choose. I like to mix BBQ sauce and Frank’s, or even A1 steak sauce and Frank’s (sounds strange but awesome!)

Let me know how they turn out and save me one.

Also, if you dip your wings in Ranch or Bleu Cheese….. We are no longer friends, and you probably put ketchup on your steak.


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