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Sunset Nature

Below is your weekly dose of 4 Thought Friday, a short list of idea’s, thoughts, and experiments from a few members of the Mako Team. Enjoy!

Kyle’s Using:

It’s not only important to be aware of what you are putting into your body, but it is equally as important to be aware of what you put ON your body. Deodorant was a big one for me. I always picked which deodorant smells the best, not really looking at the harmful ingredients in it. However, I have found a great company and brand that makes excellent smelling and harmless deodorants. The company is Schmidt and they are known for their natural products (Side note: I use and love their toothpaste as well). They have a vast selection of deodorants, but the one I typically use is the Charcoal + Magnesium deodorant. I usually get the deodorant at Everwell (shocker), but I have seen this brand at Target as well. Smell Fresh My Friends! Enjoy!

Brandon’s Focused:

Don’t get caught up in always looking for the next best thing. Suffering from too much information at one time is common and often inevitable. Example; If you are looking to eat healthy stick to whole foods, mostly vegetables, and if it wasn’t once alive, don’t eat it; pretty simple. Often we see what everyone else is trying and jump ship before you change is made. Just because someone else is on the “Keto,” or “RP Diet” Train doesn’t make the move right for you, right now. Both of those paths have evidence to suggest results but have you exhausted what you are currently doing? If you just started to prep your meals, eat vegetables at each meal, and know the difference between high-quality fat sources and not, I’d say you should keep it simple. Build your base of knowledge and them go from there. I’ve too fallen victim to always chasing the next thing when it came to coaching. It seemed every week I would see something different on Instagram or Facebook telling me how I should be seeing, teaching, and delivering information. It was overwhelming and made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing at times. But once I simplified things, focused on mastering the basics, I became a lot better and it showed with the athletes I got to work with every day. The rest of the world become just noise. Learn to grow, but don’t let too much information at one-time stunt that growth.

Scott: Pick up the pen

In this day and age, tablets, phones, and laptops contain most of the information that we use every day. Both in our personal lives and in business. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it keeps us organized and it makes it easy (most of the time) to find what we’re looking for. However, I would much rather use a pen and classic yellow legal pad! I seem to take the information in a lot easier than if I were typing. I always have a notepad and pen handy. I keep Field Notes in my vehicle and even have a wallet that holds Field Notes. I have 2 large boxes of used legal pads stored in my garage! At our last move, I started going through some of them and thought it was pretty awesome to go through and remember what I was thinking, or going through at those points in my life. It was sort of like going through old pictures, but much more detailed and I was able to recall more detail than by just looking at a photo. So try picking up a pen. Jot some things down daily in a journal. Or just doodle!

Seth Enjoying:

I spend a good deal of time outside and often I take for granted how awesome nature is, and how lucky we are to have the beach so close. I’ve been enjoying spending time with the family at the beach, playing in the water, and at times just taking in the majestic beauty of the ocean and all that Mother Nature has to offer us.

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