4 Thought Friday

By: Mako Athletics


Seth’s Enjoying:

Spending time playing with wyatt in the park and nature. I always enjoy anytime spent with my Son, as I know it is special and time can not be replaced, but I have especially enjoyed playing with him in the park. I chase him around and we go down the slide or swing, sometimes just chase the dogs around laughing. It feels great to just be a kid again free from the worries of life that we as adults put on ourselves. It is in those times with Wyatt that I realize what is truly important, and the memories put a huge smile on my face.

Kyle’s Enjoying:

Working outside the office. The weather has been amazing lately and downtown Pensacola has great areas to hang out and/or get work done. I got to spend some time sitting outside of Bodacious Brew to enjoy a great cup of coffee, some fresh air, and get some productive work done. I encourage you to try work outside if at all possible. Getting a change of scenery and fresh air helped me stay focused on my tasks at hand and get them done in a timely manner.

If you can not work outside, try to go for a walk or two throughout your work shift and get some fresh air. It will help relieve some stress, clear your mind and be more energized. Small Caveat on this walk, don’t be on your phone looking at social media or checking emails. Go for a nice walk with a friend, coworker, or just your thoughts. Enjoy!

Brandon’s Enjoying:

Current audiobook:Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.
One thing I have learned so far is to become the person you want to be; you cannot merely think positively and hope it happens, you have to live it. Through self-discipline, you can create actions that are more powerful than thoughts. I turn actions into habits I want by creating daily metrics for myself. For example, I want to be a more caring and compassionate person to everyone. It cannot be done by just affirming that I am so. I had to start measuring my day in meaningful conversations. How many of those am I having in a day? They can be with anyone from a stranger, to an athlete, to my family, or friends. It doesn’t matter who, it only matters that I listen intently and sincerely, and give them my time and attention wholly. Making a conscious effort to be aware of these moments has become very important to me; I am grateful for each of them.

Kevin’s Working On:

This week’s will be about the gym and a couple things you can do for easy improvement! Many of you may have noticed I’m doing A LOT of extra back exercises outside of the class times. I truly believe in the saying “a healthy spine leads to a healthy life” and I’m trying to embody this myself.

Here’s my challenge to you. The next 6 weeks I want you to follow this program on your own:

2-3 days a week:

  • 5 sets of 3-8 reps of pull-ups/chin ups, assisted if needed. Do not go to failure on any of the sets
  • 5 sets of back extensions 8-12 reps each set, use a weight if these feel very easy. You can use the GHD for these. You can also substitute arch ups/holds for these if you would like.
  • 5 sets of Banded PVC pipe pull downs (coach Carlos is the master at these) 12-15 reps each set. Check out the video on how to do these! Watch Banded Lat Pull Down
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