4 Thought Friday

By: Mako Athletics

Kyle Challenge hold the bottom of a squat 5-10 minutes a day.

If you ever watch a toddler play or try to pick something up, they naturally go to a perfect squat. They can hold that position, comfortably, for minutes at a time. If you asked anyone at the gym or outside the gym to hold that same position, they will give you the a dirty look. Due to constant sitting, we lose that perfect squat position. Let’s try to gain it back together! Try to accumulate 5-10 minutes a day holding the bottom of a squat. 5-10 minutes a day will help your mobility and balance, build strength and improve your functional movements.

Squat 5 minutes a day keeps CJ away!

Brandon Improving my fitness with Spikeball. As written in the article “What Is Fitness,” Coach Glassman, along with Dynamax, listed out the ten general skills needed: endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination, accuracy.  

Our classic CrossFit style workouts deliver a high dose of intensity that improves each of these daily.  The ones I find the most difficult to train in a class setting are agility and accuracy. Sure we can use the agility ladder, hurdles, cone drills and yes, wallballs, full ROM movements at high speeds are a display of accuracy, but none of them can rival the act of playing a dynamic sport like Spikeball.  You have to move quickly, change directions, and coordinate precise hits on the ball to get it back on the net or to your partner.

I find that this is an excellent way to not only round-out the ten general skills but more importantly improve things like; spacial awareness, first step explosiveness, hand-eye coordination, foot balance, and split-second decision making.

Above all of these attributes though, it is fun!  Whether it is a game of Spikeball, or you get out and play tag with your kids, do something fun and challenging on a regular basis.  After all, it is the closing statement of, “World Class Fitness in 100 Words.” I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to warm up.

Kevin:I’ve shared this in the past but never on a 4 thought friday. I’m attaching a program that was written to help you get your first pull up ever, or help you achieve multiple pull ups. This program isn’t designed for one particular person so certain exercises can be changed to suit your needs so just shoot me a message if you have any questions (Also youtube is a good resource if you are unsure of what a certain movement is). This shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes a day. Here’s a tip to make this even more successful for you: FIND A BUDDY! There are plenty of folks in the gym that want their first pull up as well so find yourself an accountability partner! Make sure to keep us posted on your progress!

Seth Working on my health  is an ever running task, but over the past week our house came down with a nasty cold. I was the last to get it and it seems to have hit me the worst. We are not big on antibiotics or taking prescriptions, here are a few of my favorite at home remedies.

  1. A shot of 2 Lemons juiced, Garlic, Ginger, Tumeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, honey, and Cayenne all blended and mixed together
  2. Straight shots of  Bragg Apple cider vinegar, there is also a full body cleanse concentrate that I have been trying.

Buried Treasure this mixture has everything in it, you can pick a bottle up at evermans, they are a little pricey but worth it, taste isn’t the best but chase it with some apple cider vinegar and you are good to go.

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