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Metcon (Time)

(25 min Cap)

Teams of 4:

For Total Time:

Partners 1&2 complete:

3 Rounds:

50/40 Cal Row

30 Front Squats @ 95-135/65-95

Partners 3&4 complete:

3 Rounds

100m Run Relay x2(athlete)

40 MB Sit Ups

-then switch

*Record total time.

MB Sit Ups: Set Up the large mats outside for athletes to do the Sit Ups

– One Person does a MB sit up then hands the MB to the other to do.

-All work can be shared btw the pairs. Once completed, wait til the other pair completes their couplet and then switch. Record total time

-Cap the halfway point @ 12 minutes and have athletes switch at that time.

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