Mako Athletics – CrossFit

F(A): Deadlift (X3 on the 20 seconds for 15 sets)

DL(Sumo or Conventional)

-moderate/technique load

P(A): Deadlift ( X1 @ 70-75% on the 20 seconds for 15 reps)

DL (Sumo or Conventional)

– Each Rep AFAP

*Use this day to work technique and build confidence in the lift leading to Max Day on Friday. Move the light load with Maximal speed.

F(B): Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)


0-10 minutes

1500m Row


Burpee Knee Raises

@10 minutes

7 min AMRAP

50ft Walking Lunges- unweighted


DB Push Press

P(B): Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)


0-10 minutes

1800m Row


Burpee PullUp/CTB

@ 10 minutes

7 min AMRAP:

50ft Double DB Front Rack Lunge


DB Push Press 35-50s/25-35s

*larger Classes start half the group on the 7 min amrap


3×20-30 Banded Rows

*superset w/ 20 Hollow Rocks

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