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Metcon (No Measure)

30 minute EMOM:

1: Row 15/10 Cals

2: 45s of Practice :Skill A

3: Ski 12/8 Cals

4: :45s of Practice: Skill B

5: Rest
*the Skill is to be done with the intent of Perfect Practice. Focus on completing each rep with precision. Rest as needed during the time to keep the quality of reps as high as possible. You can flow through different movements as you feel is best.

Skill A (pick one)

Snatch Position Work:

w/ Empty BB/PVC or 30% Max

HH Power Snatch

HH Snatch

Snatch Balance


Skill B (pick one)



Ring Support Hold- top & bottom


Hollow Rocks

HS Walk

HS Holds

Strict/Kipping PullUps

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