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Metcon (No Measure)

30 minute EMOM:

1 10/8 Row Cals

2 25-50ft HS Walk

3 10/8 Ski Cals

4 10-20 sec L-Sit

5 10/8 Bike Cals

6 12-15 Hip Extensions on GHD

HS Walk:

2-4 Wall Walks- slow and controlled

or Box Walk Drill

( https://www.powermonkeyfitness.com/videos/handstands-hs-walking/box-hs-walk-drill )


L-Sit Tuck up with Knees close together

or Seated Pike Up Hold

( https://www.powermonkeyfitness.com/videos/core-abs-hip-flexors/seated-pike-hold )

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