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Mako Athletics – CrossFit

F(A): Hang Power Clean ( x4 on the 45 seconds for 8 sets)

*light- moderate load(skill focus)

P(A): Clean High Pull + Hang Power Clean ( (1+2) on the 45 seconds for 8 sets)

*Build slightly but focus more on speed/ technique than maxing out.

**Hang Squat Clean is an option

B: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

*rotate back in forth between a) & b)

@ 0:00/ 8:00/ 16:00

a) 500m Row @ or below 2k pace( tough but repeatable)

@ 4:00/ 12:00/ 20:00

b) 2 min AMRAP:

20/15 Bike or Ski

AMRAP: WallBalls 20/14

*cap Cals to 1 minute
Record WallBalls Each Round.


3×12-15 SL Bulgarian Split Squats w/ DB to the side

*superset w/ 20-30 band pull throughs (non stop)

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