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If you’re looking for professional training with a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place. Mako Athletics is more than a gym, it’s an experience. Our coaches are committed to helping athletes become the best version of themselves. We offer traditional and specialty programs to fit your training needs. There’s also a physical therapist on-hand to assist with rehab and recovery. At Mako Athletics, we take your safety seriously. That’s why each class emphasizes proper movement and mechanics. We believe you can push yourself and get results without the injuries.



Our CrossFit Program is great for those looking to push their skill development to the next level. This program will constantly challenge you to a higher level of gymnastics and weightlifting skill while pushing the intensity for greater results. Come join our community of performance-driven athletes lead by highly motivated coaches!


If you have a specific goal or target, personal training will be the best method for achieving it. Tailoring the program, workout, and guidance to meet your needs as an individual makes your time in the gym more efficient and effective. Whether it's weight loss, increased strength, skill development, training for sport, or even just more accountability, Personal Training is for you.


Our specialized remote programming is designed to build strength, progress barbell and gymnastic skills while improving overall conditioning with appropriate doses of intensity and volume. MakoWODs offers multiple options to meet your individual goals and needs including additional competitor workouts that align with the WOD for those that want a little more strength, skill, and engine development and auxiliary work to compliment the WOD.

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Our Facility

Mako Athletics is a 10,000-square-foot facility designed with your fitness goals in mind. Whether you’re a newcomer or professional, we provide the best tools and talent in Pensacola. Our spacious training area is filled with state of the art equipment including six Olympic lifting platforms and six full sets of competition plates. Need a break? Feel free to kick back and relax in our lounge. Tap into the complimentary Wi-Fi or grab a hot cup of coffee. We also have two refrigerators on site, so meals stay fresh and tasty throughout the day. At Mako Athletics, you bring the commitment and we’ll bring the convenience.

Member Love

If you are looking for a gym to drop in at or one to call home, this is the gym for you. Hands down the best gym in the Pensacola area and could very well content with the best in the business. I have been to many CrossFit gyms in the past and this gym excels in every aspect of fitness that you can imagine. The owners, coaches, and members are all more than willing to lend a helping hand for their community. The wealth of knowledge that these coaches have toward CrossFit and exercise will more than exceed your expectations. If you want a gym that wholeheartedly believes in CrossFit and the movement that is being made around the world, then this is where you want to be. - Taylor P.

I absolutely love Mako! I was really overwhelmed by the idea of Crossfit, but the coaches really made me comfortable with the first two weeks of on-ramp. Once I got integrated into the classes, the coaches kept an eye on me and corrected my form and answered any questions I may have. Everyone at Mako is extremely friendly and supportive. The best thing about Mako (and Crossfit) is that they will adjust the workouts according to what you can or cannot do - I have really bad foot problems so I jump on a rower or a bike if the group goes for a run outside. I still get an amazing work out regardless! - Kim D.

Being military, we move very frequently so it can be difficult to establish a community in a short period of time. Thankfully, Mako welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like a part of things right away. Very qualified coaches, challenging programming, excellent facilities, amazing community. I'm thankful we found them! - Molly S.

After almost four years of training and being at the best CrossFit box I know of with of course the best coaches, MAKO ATHLETICS, I finally achieved my goal of qualifying for the 2017 Crossfit Games. Thanks to all that have trained with me and pushed me along the way. I love Crossfit. - Shannon "The Champ" A.

I LOVE CrossFit!!! I LOVE Mako! Our coaches are the best in the business and know how to get the best out of everyone. Their commitment to us is unwavering and I am certainly blessed and proud to be a part of this box and family! Happy 4th Anniversary, Mako! I am yours, always! - Bridget G.

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In-House Physical Therapist

"Rethink Your Rehab"

The Movement Dr. is a physical therapy clinic providing a unique Rehab experience, with guaranteed 1-on-1 care. No more receiving exercise instruction from across the clinic while your therapist is treating multiple patients at the same time. The goal of TMD is to provide a lasting solution to reduce pain, through improving movement during daily life and active life.

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